Jan. 10th, 2012

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Sometimes, context and subtext are everything.

It's hard to argue logically against some things that seem perfectly sound on the surface, but have nasty political underpinnings. For example, Oklahoma now has a law requiring election workers to be certain every voter shows a "valid ID" in order to vote.

On the face of it, who can argue with that? After all, we have to show ID to do many far less important things than participate in our government. Only citizens who do not have felony convictions are allowed to vote, so why not require voters to prove who they are before we let them do one of the most important duties anyone can have in our nation? It will help prevent voter fraud, right?

All of those questions raise valid points.

But. And it's a big "but."

Voter ID legislation was brought into law on a wave of anti-illegal immigrant feelings. The unsaid sentiment being not that illegal immigrants are not legally allowed to vote, which would have been a valid argument, but that a fictional surge of illegal votes helped elect Barack Obama president. After all, the illegals always vote for the Democrats and their "bread and circuses." And a non-white, "Muslim" "communist" would attract illegals to the Democrat cause like watermelon attracts... well, never mind.

So you see my problem. I have no real, logical objection to voter ID laws. They make perfect sense. But I can't stand the stink of racism and elitism that accompanies the new law.


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