Jan. 20th, 2012

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Last night I dreamed I was at a cocktail part at SMU in Dallas, cracking juvenile puns about Balzac in a futile attempt to impress some visiting professor from Yale. Surely I'm not that trashy, and would only do such a silly, blatantly pretentious thing in social self-defense.

I think the dream came from interviewing Robin Wright, the world-renowned war correspondent and expert on the Middle East and Central Asia during a press conference at Cameron University yesterday. It was an intimidating interview, to put it mildly. She's a giant in print journalism, and her reputation is well-deserved. When you interview someone like that, you feel like you're being graded.

At least I didn't get schooled by her. A certain television reporter ignorantly referred to Afghanistan as being in the Middle East during her first question, and Ms. Wright took her to the woodshed. We were all a little wary after that.

Her presentation last night was insightful and interesting, BTW. Especially her thoughts on Pakistan and its fears concerning Afghanistan's possible claims on Pashtun border regions.
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It galls me that the Republicans, who have insisted on making so-called "family values" a campaign issue for the last 20 years, are lining up to support a man who has cheated on at least two wives and left them when they were ill, while blasting President Obama as being anti-faith and anti-family.

Last time I checked, Obama has been married to the same woman for many years, in what appears to be a happy marriage. There has never been a serious hint of scandal, and they have two wonderful, reasonably well-adjusted daughters who love them.

Who is the "family values" candidate here?

I'm also annoyed that Gingrich attacked "the media" for being sleazy because he has been questioned about his ex-wife's interview.

Just a damn minute. Now, I personally have nothing against people who choose an open marriage. But if you repeatedly present yourself as a social conservative, "family values" guy, and actively take part in the culture war, then your past extra-marital affairs and accusations from your ex that you asked for an open marriage become legitimate targets. It goes to consistency and whether or not you are a hypocrite.


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