Mar. 28th, 2012

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An old friend from high school signed me up for a Facebook discussion page on general political topics which he started. He is a far-right conservative, as are nearly all of the other members.

Now, I have no problems with conservatives - or anyone else - as long as they don't check their brains and hearts at the political door.

But this page is a cesspool of ignorance and vileness that stunned even me.

I have yet to comment on anything, and really only see it when an entry pops up on my Wall Feed. But what I've seen disgusts me.

Currently, these fine minds are debating what should be done about Obama, since it has been "proven" he is not a legitimate U.S. citizen. Oh, and a Muslim, which apparently they think is or should be illegal.

I am floored that people would choose to believe either "accusation," despite all of the investigation and resulting evidence to the contrary. Because that is exactly what they are doing: choosing to believe something contrary to established, demonstrable facts.

I also observed a number of racist and strongly xenophobic statements on this page. And I don't mean the mealy-mouthed stuff a bleeding-heart liberal would consider offensive, but the real dope: N-word and worse, calls for violence, etc...

It makes me sad, and I cannot bring myself to engage people so unwilling to think, especially on their own turf, and at the expense of casual friendships based mainly on childhood memories.

I am torn between removing myself from this page, and staying, so I can observe these people at their worst and know what to expect from them.

I sound like a broken record, but I am disturbed by the growing divide in our country, which seeks to force  people to choose a side - even when neither side is offering real solutions to our very real problems, and one of those sides is increasingly being hijacked by extremists.


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